Birchclaw Designs is a family run clothing boutique specialized in using tie-dying and shibori techniques to fashion top quality rainbow, brilliant and long-lasting colored patterns guaranteed not to run. I’m an Ice-dye enthusiast, music lover, video games maven, creative mind and you've guessed it...proud mom!

Birchclaw Family

My family is my life and inspiration and for them I will always fight to take our rightful place in the winner's circle. I’m blessed every day to do what I love: learning, being creative and bringing to life beautiful wearable art that speaks to you because there’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than sharing my work with all you bohemian souls out there. Hopefully that comes out in my craft as this isn't just a sidekick for me, but more of a passion. Quite frankly, the tie-dye kit can become a dangerous weapon when surrendered to my whim. I have so many ideas ready to be poured into my future creations and I’m on a mission to uplift spirits and bring excitement by making everybody’s style stand out with an artistic devilish touch. Pop culture fans, the Millennial and Gen Z crowd and anyone who loves to delve into some fashion nostalgia will enjoy my eye-catching urban vibe designs. Support handmade, be part of this soul soothing art adventure and let your true self shine color by color! Make it memorable! Wear it well!